The 21 Day Fix Workout Schedule

girl-working-outTo achieve the perfect 21 Day Fix Schedule, you need to take two important factors into consideration. Exercise and a good diet are needed to get satisfying results that will enable me to maintain my weight loss and muscle definition.

That’s where the 21 Day Fix Schedule comes in. It’s about following a day to day calendar workout regime and accompanying meal plan to help you get ripped.

Even though many people use different workout plans, I plan on using this specific one with hopes of getting the best results while depending on my starting point and effort.

The 21 Day Fix Schedule

Week 1Total Body Cardio fixUpper fixLower Fix or Barre legsPilates fix or Flat abs fixCardio fixDirty 30Yoga fix
Week 2Total Body Cardio fixUpper fixLower Fix or Barre legsPilates fix or Flat abs fixCardio fixDirty 30Yoga fix
Week 3Total Body Cardio fixUpper fixLower Fix or Barre legsPilates fix or Flat abs fixCardio fixDirty 30Yoga fix
Doubles option: – Do 2 workouts each day in week 4
Week 4Total Body Cardio fix and Pilates fixUpper fix and Cardio fixLower Fix and 10-minute fix for AbsPilates fix and Total Body Cardio fixCardio fix and Upper fixDirty 30 and Pilates fixYoga fix

Perform at least two workouts in week three during different intervals of the day

As I begin this program, I need to create my workout schedules to coincide with my eating plan. By organizing the two, I can stay organized and focused on satisfying my health goals. My calendar is divided into three weeks and during the 3rd week is when I have included my doubles option.

The Doubles Option

The doubles option is created in the third week for extra workouts from the daily routines. On this particular week, one can include an extra session to cater for the doubles option. For instance, if you are used to working out in the mornings, this is the right time to work out in the evening as well. It is not advisable to conduct a workout routine before you retire to bed because the body tends to increase its metabolism during that time. As a result, getting sleep afterward may be quite difficult.

A beginner like me may find it difficult to perform all these activities since the body is not used to it. As time progresses, my body will get used to the routine. I intend to achieve this by adding an extra 30-minute exercise so that I can speed up my results.

The 21 Day Fix Workouts

From the calendar above, you can see the workouts that are part of the 21 Day Fix Workout Schedule. The descriptions of these exercises are as follow:

Upper fix

The upper fix is a targeted resistance works on the muscles located around the chest, back, shoulders, arms and abs.

Total body cardio fix

There are many routines that one can engage in to keep their heart rates in check and to boost their metabolism.

Lower fix

The lower fix is an important workout plan for the entire lower body. The main aim is to firm and tone the entire lower body as you burn the calories around it.

Pilates fix

The pilates fix is a mode of exercising is aimed at strengthening and giving strength to muscles thus enhancing hips and thighs firmness.

Cardio fix

The cardio fix is good for the heart to maintain its pumping ability to through a wide range of exercises.

Yoga fix

The yoga fix helps maintain our body’s balance and flexibility. As you start engaging this routine, your muscles tend to relax as well.

21 Day Fix Equipment

I sometimes need help from a good motivator to help me to follow the steps to the letter. Missing out on a single schedule is inexcusable and may make me lose focus on the workout schedules. To get me started, I need the following accessories;

  1. Resistance bands

These bands are created to add more tension as one is engaging in a workout and you will be able to sweat it all out.

  1. Yoga mat

They are used when doing floor exercises. They are the most recommended mats for use since they are quite comfortable.

21 Day Fix Meal Plan

Below is a seven-day sample meal plan that I plan on using for the next 21 days.

Day/ MealsMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
Meal 1Shakeology- frozen berriesShakeology- frozen berriesShakeology- frozen berriesShakeology- frozen berriesShakeology- frozen berriesScrambled eggs
Coconut oil
Fried eggs
Coconut oil
Whole wheat pancakes
Meal 2Greek YogurtGreek YogurtGreek YogurtGreek YogurtGreek YogurtGreek YogurtGreek Yogurt
Meal 3Mixed green salad
Grilled chicken
Mixed green salad
Sliced top round steak
Mixed green salad Pork tenderloinMixed green salad
Grilled chicken
Mixed green salad
Sardines or Tuna
Turkey breast whole wheat wrap
Turkey breast whole wheat wrap
Meal 4Banana
Mixed Nuts
Mixed nuts
Mixed nuts
Mixed nuts
Meal 5Veggie Stir Fry
Olive Oil
Sliced top round steak
Brown or Wild Rice
Sautéed kale
Olive oil
Pork tenderloin
Corn on cob
Steamed veggies
Olive oil
Turkey breast
Sweet potato
Veggies stir fry
Olive oil
Chicken breast Brown or wild rice
Olive oil
Lean burger
Whole grain bread
Cheddar cheese
Veggie stirs fry
Olive oil
Sliced top round steak
Steamed veggies
Olive oil
Grilled salmon

According to my meal plan, diet accounts for 50% of the general results I am expecting. In fact, if I come up with a good one, it will help me to detoxify, nourish my body and help me with the required amount of energy to help me during a workout. This plan gives an explanation based on many calories that my body needs to sustain itself.


I will need colored containers to help me to identify the type of meal I am supposed to take at that particular time. The color represents the number of calories that will be taken through those meals.

  • Green-3 green containers are needed to store vegetables like cucumbers and steamed veggies
  • Purple-2 for fruits such as bananas, apples, cherries, pineapples, oranges and pears
  • Red- 4 for proteins such as round steak, turkey breast, and eggs
  • Yellow- 2 for carbs for potatoes, whole wheat, and brown rice
  • Blue- 1 for nuts or dairy products such as Greek Yoghurt
  • Yellow-1 for seeds and fats such as mixed nuts and oatmeal
  • White – 2 for oils for olive oil and coconut oil
  • Shakeology shaker cups

For the next 21 days, I will need to use each of the containers using a specific quantity to meet my calorie goal. It is OK for me to feel hungrier on days that I have engaged in a lot of physical activities. Therefore, I can overindulge as long as I less of carbs but more of fruits and proteins from the purple and red containers.

A calorie tracking sheet is necessary to help me to calculate the amount I have taken. For instance, if I take in 1,200-1,499 calories per day, then I shall be expecting to lose 2 pounds on a daily basis. Preparing these meals can take lots of time. Therefore, you need to come up with a plan that includes:

  • Purchasing of half-cooked a chicken breast or salmon.
  • Boil the eggs all at once.
  • Baking all the sweet potatoes at once.
  • Chopping all the cucumbers, peppers, toppings for salads.
  • Prepare the oatmeal in bulk for breakfast.
  • Add more berries to your list other than oranges or bananas.
  • Eating of raw unsalted nuts to get the perfect snack.

Most nutritionist always advises against eating the so-called diet foods. They deprive the body of essential nutrients thus subjecting it to crave for more. In fact, these foods are usually labeled as fat-free to persuade the buyer into buying it. The real concept behind this message is that they do not provide permanent solutions to people who want to lose weight. Instead, they overwhelm the body with toxic substances from chemicals and preservatives. The long-term effect may be quite disastrous as the chemicals tend to clog around the heart and many other important organs.

To achieve perfect results, I must prepare a grocery shopping list early enough so that I can find the foodstuffs in one piece and save on money too. The meal plan explicitly instructs me to eat whole foods.


shakeologyEven though it is optional, any nutritionist would recommend for it owing to a number of reasons. It is believed that if you start your day with a nutritious breakfast, then your body’s metabolism will be boosted throughout the day. Shakeology is advisable to take it alongside a frozen fruit or a nut butter. It is available in four different flavors namely: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and green berry. Those that experience lactose intolerance should opt for the vegan formulas only found in pea protein.

I would recommend both of these plans for anyone that wants to eat right and engage in the right type of routine for their well-being. By the time the 21 day period of the calendar comes to a close, you should attain an awesome shape, and your metabolism will be significantly increased.

Check out this live sample workout video of the 21 Day Fix program with Autumn.