The Cardio Fix Workout

cardioThe Cardio Fix workout has the perfect amount of intensity and is a superb cardio routine. I have trouble completing T25 workouts, and 10 Minute Trainer is a little too comfortable. This one, however, gets me moved to exercise and more importantly gets my heart rate into the zone. This workout is difficult The format of the workout is four rounds of 2, minute-long exercises. Before continuing forward to the following one, you repeat each round. At the conclusion of the 4th round, there’s a bonus exercise, which you also repeat.

The Exercises
Warm Up
The warmup is 3 minutes to get you loosened up as well as your heart. It’s the same warm-up done in every workout, except Yoga and Pilates Repair Mend. It starts with some jogging in position. You then transition into a jumping jack. After that are windmills, which are simply alternating arm circles. You go forward and then reverse the circles. After that, you do some reaches to a side and the other to stretch out the side. You then alternate reaching down to your toes, to stretch out the hamstrings. These stretches are not stationary, but are active, which means you transfer the whole time. You then duplicate all the warm-up exercises again.

Round 1:
Exercise #1 – Cross Jacks
These aren’t the same Cross Jacks from T25. Start with your feet apart and your arms out to your sides. Leap once, opening everything back up. Alternate top arm and the front leg each time.

20 Second Rest

Place your hands in front of your waistline. Do a high knee jog, trying to bring up your knees to your hands.

20 Second Rest

Round 1 – Repeat
Repeat the very first round, including the remainders.

Round 2:
Exercise #3 – Skater Bound
Bend down, keeping your back straight and bending your left leg slightly. Keep your torso up. Reach your hand to the ground like a skater. Bound to the right landing in the same place, but on the different side. Now jump back to the left. You change legs and the arms each single time you leap. This is a difficult move and apparently effective since Shaun T and Tony Horton both use variations in P90X and Insanity.

20 Second Rest

Get back on the floor in plank position. Now run with your legs, by bringing the knees in towards the chest. This rest is another Beachbody classic, used Sagi Kalev and by Shaun T

20 Second Rest

Repeat the next round including the rests.

Round 3:
All these are just alternating reverse lunges. This move is a cardio recovery move, so focus on getting deep and slow down your speed, with suitable form.

20 Second Rest

Exercise #6 – Burpees
Now you understand why you had the healing move. Bend down putting your palms on the ground under your shoulders and jump back to the board position. Leap your feet back in, and after that jump up into the heavens with your arms above your head. You must understand these well, for those who have done any Shaun T program.

20 Second Remainder

Replicate the third round including the remainders. This time your food that is left is forwards as well as your right foot is back for the Split Squats.

Round 4:
Exercise #7 – Lateral Squats
Begin with your feet together and drop your butt down into a squat. Bring your hands together in front of you. Now take a step to the right with your right foot then step the left foot to the right, while remaining in the squat. Take another step to the right, before you go back the other way. Keep alternating two steps in each direction, while staying in your squat. This move you may understand from T25.

20 Second Rest

Exercise #8 – Oblique Knee Pulls
So the right leg hardly has any of your weight on in, separate the legs and slender to the left. Extend the right arm upward into the heavens, and put the left hand on your abs. For every single repetition bring the right knee upward, while bringing down the right elbow, to meet half way. You do then 30 seconds on the left and 30 seconds on the right. Should you prefer to make this more challenging keep your toe of the earth the entire time. This exercise may be recognized by you from Abs Core Plus, in P90X.

20 Second Rest

Round 4 – Repeat
Repeat the 2nd round including the rests.

Bonus Round:
Exercise #9 – Uninterruptible Power Supply & Down
Bonus exercise! And it is still another simple move from Insanity. Begin in plank position, drop your right elbow to the floor under the shoulder. After, place the left elbow on the ground under the left shoulder. Your shoulders should not move the whole time. You do 30 seconds leading to the right and then 30 seconds leading with the left.

Cool Down
At the ending of the work rest for a 5-minute cooldown. The stretches include child’s pose, sit and rReach, splits, a quad stretch as well as a shoulder stretch.

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