The Lower Fix Workout

lower-bodyThe Lower Fix is a fine little resistance workout for the lower body. The upper body can not usually handle more weight about the lower body, so try and use a heavier set of heavy weights. However, keep the light set with you in case you need to sub out mid-exercise. This workout features a mixture of mat work and squats, lunges, calf raises. So, it targets all parts of your legs.The format of the workout is four rounds of 2 exercises, before moving forward replicating each round. There is a 20-second rest after each exercise, and every activity lasts 1 minute. At the end of round 4, there is a bonus move thrown in, which you also replicate.

However, the exercises are not that challenging by design, so people of all fitness level can do this workout, particularly when you alter. The onus is on you, to utilize the weights that are correct, to make this work for you. If you cannot finish the exercise similar to the other resistance routines, try and take advantage of the heavy pair of dumbbells as much as possible, and only change to the lighter set.

The format of the workout is four rounds of 2 exercises, before moving forward replicating each round. There is a 20-second rest after each exercise, and every workout lasts 1 minute. At the end of round 4, there is a bonus move thrown in, which you also replicate.

The Exercises
Warm Up
The warmup is your heart and 3 minutes long. The warm-up is the same as those in Upper Fix and Total Body Cardio Repair. It starts with some jogging in position. After that are windmills, which are just switching arm circles, you go and then reverse the circles. After that, stretch the other side. Then push your fingers down to your toes to stretch the hamstrings. These reaches are not inactive but are active, and that means the whole time moves. You then duplicate all the warm-up exercises again.

Round 1:
Exercise #1 – Side-Back Lunge
Grab your heavy weights. Begin with your feet together and your dumbells at your side. Step your right foot to the right and flex the knee into a side lunge. Your feet should face straight ahead the entire time. Ensure that you are bending the left knee behind the toe but over the ankle. Your right heel ought to be on the ground on the side lunge, but off the earth on the reverse lunge. We only step together with the right foot, for the entire minute.

Exercise #2 – Squat-Knee Raise
Start with the dumbbells right above your shoulders, as well as your feet parallel and hip-width apart. Squat down, shoving your butt towards the floor. Then come back upwards and lift one knee up to the chest. Squat and this time lift up the other knee. Your weight ought to be back on your heels during the squats.

Round 1 – Repeat
Duplicate the very first round, including the rests. This time, do side lunges with your left leg.

Round 2:
Exercise #3 – Curtsey Lunge
Begin with the dumbbells in the same position as the Squat-Knee Lift. This time step the right foot behind and to the left of the left heel and drop the right knee down close to the ground as possible. Come back up and recur, stepping the left foot behind the heel that is correct this time. Keep the hips and your feet facing forwards.

Exercise #4 – Calf Raises
Begin with your feet a few inches apart and the weight down by your side. Shove off your heels, using your calf. Come up high on the toes as you can and then lower back down. We hold the calf raise on top for the final 10 seconds of the minute.

Replicate the second round including the remainders.

Round 3:
Exercise #5 – Split Squat
The left leg ought to be straight at the top, but the left heel is off the ground the entire time. Keep good posture using your back the whole time. Hold the bottom of the squat for 10 seconds. Keep the left knee just above the ground, but don’t touch.

Exercise #6 – Sumo Squat
Begin with the weights. Your heels are shoulder width apart, but your feet are turned out. Now squat down and up, monitoring your knees over your feet. Squatting targets the inner thighs more than a parallel squat. Again, hold it at the bottom for 10 seconds at the conclusion of the exercise.

Round 3 – Repeat
Replicate the third round including the remainders. This time your food that is left is forward as well as your right foot is back for the Split Squats.

Round 4:
Exercise #7 – Thigh Leg Lift
Sit down on your mat with on the other for support on the earth behind you and arm in the air. The leg parallel to the arm in the air is bent, and place foot flat on the ground. The other leg is extended straight out and turned out so that the toes are facing out and the inner thigh is facing upwards. For every rep lift the leg up, while bringing the hand in the air, down to the ankle. This exercise targets your inner thigh. You do 30 seconds on one side and then switch for 30 seconds on the other.

Exercise #8 – Quad Lift
Start in precisely the same location, but this time the straight leg is facing upward, not turned out and both your hands are on the floor. Lift the leg straight off the floor and make a cross. Keep the leg straight and the foot off the ground for the whole 30 seconds. Afterward, switch and do the other leg for 30 seconds.

Round 4 – Repeat
Duplicate the 2nd round including the remainders.

Bonus Round:
Bonus exercise! Get on your hands and knees on your mat. Push up so that your arms are straight from shoulder to wrist along with your knees are under your hips. Lift one leg off the floor and flex the knee to your side, with the foot turned out like you’re Fido visiting the fire hydrant. For each rep shove against your leg back right and then bring it into your body. Keep the knee turned out the entire time.

Now we do the Fire Hydrant, on the other side.

Cool Down
At the conclusion of the workout, there is a 2:30 minute cool down. The stretches comprise splits, a shoulder reach, and side stretching.

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