The Pilates Fix Workout

pilatesThe Pilates Fix the only Pilates workout I’ve ever done. So going into the workout, I had no clue what to expect. I’d say that this exercise turned out to be a combination of an all around core workout and yoga. This routine is going to make your entire center burn, while, it’s recognized as an energetic remainder of variety in the software. The workout is structured differently than the rest of the 21 Day Fix, in that you don’t duplicate rounds of exercises.

The Exercises

Warm Up

The warm-up is a little over 4 minutes and is different from the usual 21 Day Fix warmup. You add a couple of kinks to the inhales and exhales as well. Afterward, you do some reaches to the sides. After that you exhale your hands down your feet and stick out your legs straight, and inhale yourself back up, stretching the hamstrings out.

Stretching involves inhaling while you round your back, and then exhaling while you arch your back. You then do a couple of neck reaches, while remaining on your hands and knees. Then you lift the opposite leg as well as one arm off the ground. After doing ten reps on each side, you do a fast Kid’s Pose. After that lift your arm and opposite leg off the earth again. This time the leg and arms bend and bring the elbow into your knee. After you do ten repetitions on one side, you change and finish the warm up with ten on the other.

Ab Series:
Exercise #1 – Hundreds
Start lying on your own back with your knees into your chest. Pull your head off the floor and extend your legs. Your arms should be extended by your sides, with the hands right next to your thighs. Move the arms up a few inches the down. Make sure you never hit the floor while you are exhaling for just two and inhale for two.

Exercise #3 – Scissors
Except the top leg is currently in the air, this is the same precise move. Remember the double pulse before changing legs.

Exercise #4 – Leg Lowers
Lie on your own back with your arms on the ground by your side. Lift your legs straight up so that there’s some space between the front of your feet and turn your toes out. Lower the legs down towards the ground and lift them back up. Keep them straight the whole time, and never touch the ground.

High Board Collection:
Exercise #5 – Switching Leg Lifts
Get into a board position on your mat. Now alternate putting it back down and lifting each leg off the ground behind you. Ensure that you keep everything throughout the exercise.

20 Second Rest

Exercise #6 – Switching Knee Pulls
From the plank position, alternate bending each leg and pulling at the knee inwards towards your torso.

20 Second Rest

Exercise #7 – Switching Toe Taps
From the board, alternate stepping each foot to the side and tapping your toes to the floor.  Do these while keeping the feet in the step ladder.

C Series:
Exercise #8 – C Center
Get into a C Sit posture, which should be familiar if you have done Madness. Lean back slowly and extend your arms into the air, engaging your abs. For each repetition exhale and tighten your abs as you move farther back.

Exercise #9 – C Turn
Except as you go back, you switch bringing your hand to the ground at your side and twisting, this is the same exercise.

Exercise #10 – Knee Motorists
From the C-Sit Position, bring your hands together in front of you, making a target. Now for every rep, move the knee up towards the goal, bringing your hands to your knee and while driving your torso upward. Then go back down and lift the other knee.

Side Chain:
Lie down on your side and bend up your arm that is the bottom so that you can rest your head on the hand. Your feet ought to be piled in addition to each other. Bring your legs upward at a 45-degree angle before you. For every rep kick your top leg forwards twice with a bent foot and then back behind you with pointed toes. Your top leg should stay up off the other leg the entire time. These shouldn’t be enormous kicks, but rather simply little beats. We do ten repetitions of the exercise.

Exercise #12 – Cycle Front
There isn’t any rest in between these moves, Keep the top leg up, together with the foot. Pull the knee into the chest like you are peddling a bicycle, and swing your leg around. We do ten reps of this exercise.

Exercise #13 – Cycle Back
Again there isn’t any remainder in between these moves. This time flex the foot and invert the paddle. Again there are ten reps of this move.

Exercise #14 – Mix the Bowl
Without bending the knee and keeping the leg up, do circles with your leg. The circles should be modest. We do ten rings that way and then reverse and do ten more.

Exercise #15 – Stir the Pot
Keep the leg up.  Don’t let it drop. Then start making the circles doing 10 in one direction, and inverting for ten the other way.

Exercise # 16 – Double Tap
Finally, you can let down the foot. For every single repetition forwards touching the earth in front of the other foot twice and bring the foot up. Then make an enormous arch going back and tap on it behind you twice. We do ten reps absolute. Be sure to get the leg up high as you go front and back.

Side Series – Repeat
Replicate the workout on a different side.

Superman Series:
Exercise #17 – Superman
This standing is used a good deal in Insanity, T25, and P90X. Begin on your stomach with your legs extended behind you as well as placing your arms in front of you. Compress your lower back and glutes,  and then lift your chest and arms off the floor. This exercise is performed for are ten repetitions.

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